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Black Sea Gold AD is an exceptional winery, situated in the region of Pomorie town, Republic of Bulgaria. Pomorie Town is located on a narrow rocky peninsula, which enters about 3.5 km inside Black Sea. The town is 20 km away from the big city of Burgas, and is considered to be the center of the best white grapes terroirs in Bulgaria. The city has been built twenty-five centuries ago, and it was a Greek colony that was called Anhialo. Big portion of the citizens were Thracians. This region prides with long history and remarkable wine traditions. Legends say how wines from Pomorie Town were served on the royal tables of ancient Troy.

Black Sea Gold AD has a long history of excellence. Its production facilities are located at three sites: a wine cellar in the town of Pomorie with two plots, and a second winery in the village of Kableshkovo, close to Pomorie. The Pomorie winery is specialized in the production of red wines and wine brandy, the Kableshkovo winery is producing exclusively white wines. Bottling facilities are in Pomorie only. The two wineries are now focused on own brands production and marketing. The old tradition of producing exceptional quality wine brandy is kept alive. The investments in own vineyards, plus exceptional control over supplies, are the keys for the production of a high quality products.


1. Cabernet Sauvignon Brandy Cask Special Reserve – gold medal at the most prestigious wine competition in Germany – “Mundus Vini”, for 2008. The competition consisted of 5343 wines.

2. Four Silver Medals at “Mundus Vini” for 2009 for the following wines: Cabernet Sauvignon Brandy Cask 2007; Chardonnay Golden Rhyton 2008; Sauvignon Blanc (premium, vintage 2008); Cabernet Sauvignon 2007. The competition consisted of 5726 wines.

3. Muscat – bronze medal in 2009 at Muscats du Monde, France. The competition consisted of 201 samples from 24 countries.

4. Chardonnay Golden Rhyton – six times winner for 2001, 2002, 2003, 2008, 2009, and 2010 of the highest prize “Golden Rhyton” at the biggest national wine festival “Vinaria”- Bulgaria.

5. The results of Vinaria 2010 are as follows: “Golden Rhyton” for Chardonnay Golden Rhyton, vintage 2009, “Golden Rhyton” for Chardonnay GP Golden Rhythm 2008, 26 gold, 14 silver and 3 bronze medals. For the first time in the history of Vinaria, a single winery is winning more than one “Golden Rhytons” during one Vinaria. The jury consisted of enologists from Italy, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, and Bulgaria. Black Sea Gold received the “Barrel” award for the highest number of medals.

6. The results of Vinaria 2009 are as follows: “Golden Rhyton” for Chardonnay Golden Rhyton, vintage 2008, 16 gold and 10 silver medals. Black Sea Gold once again received the highest number of awards.

7. The results of Vinaria 2008 are as follows: “Golden Rhyton” for Chardonnay Golden Rhyton, vintage 2007, 22 gold, 14 silver, and 1 bronze medal. The “Barrel” award was given to Black Sea Gold, for the highest number of awards, from the National Vine and Wine Chamber.


The Black Sea Gold Conglomerate produces and sells about 15 million bottles annually. Black Sea Gold is among the three leading wineries on the domestic market with an estimated 20% market share in the wine segment and 15% in the brandy and wine brandy segment. The home market is commanded via an elaborate network of more than 60 distributors and a very efficient logistics system. Exported wines deliver a wide range of volume brands, combined with high-end premium products to vastly different foreign markets. More than 60% of the Black Sea Gold production is exported. The winery is the biggest Bulgarian exporter to Russia, the Baltic Republics and CIS. Other main export destinations are USA, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Poland, and Czech Republic.


1. The owner of Black Sea Gold, Festa Holding, invested more than EUR 15 million in the wineries after privatization and planted more than 600 ha with high-promise grape varieties. As a result, Black Sea Gold AD introduced new quality products in the premium and super premium price segments.

2. More than EUR 2,5 mln are invested in a micro-vinification project in 2007. The new technological equipment allows for great precision in selecting and processing grapes for production of super- and ultra premium wines. For Black Sea Gold that project opens the doors to high-quality-wines that will represent in a powerful way the great terroirs of the Pomorie region.

3. Black Sea Gold introduced drip irrigation for the vineyards in order to overcome the droughty years, as it is expected by 2015. The investment is about EUR 450 per acre. This method will provide irrigation for more than 320 ha of vineyards.

4. The company is using “Clemens” – high-tech laser-controlled, spade-type vine planting machines for rooted and potted vines. “Clemens” can be used on difficult soils and its planting capacity is about 1800 plants per hour.

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