Vinica Mavrud

Pomorie Rakia

700 mL 40% alc./vol.

Regularly imported in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada

Availability: Government Stores - British Colubmia
Private Stores – Alberta

Pomorie Rakia is a unique Bulgarian product that is comparable to the famous Chilean Pisco or Italian Grappa. Pomorie Rakia is one of the bestselling brands in Bulgaria being present at the shelves of most liquor stores, bars, pubs, and restaurants in the country. The grapes used are Ugni Blanc and the local indigenous to Bulgaria grape called Dimyat. At the moment Pomorie Rakia has the lowest price in BC in its class, yet delivering an outstanding value!

Food Pairing For Pomorie Rakia
Rakia is traditionally consumed as an aperitif drink, and is very well paired with green salads (such as the Greek salad that is very famous on the Balkans), pickled or marinated vegetables, cheese - especially the Bulgarian or Greek feta cheese, or it could be added to coffee (espresso preferably). Also, although not that often, Rakia can be consumed as a digestif after dinner, so it can aid the digestion of heavy meals.

SKU# +152785

Produced and bottled by Black Sea Gold AD

12 bottles per case

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